Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Blustery Day of the Soul with Pj Schott

Happy May everyone!  I love the birth of a new month here at Princess With a Pen.  It means that the fabulous, Pj Schott is stopping by to spend time with us.  Pj has lived in several U.S. port cities, Europe, Greece, and the Middle East. A marketing professional, mystery writer, and futurist, Pj is known to those with whom she works as a problem-solver, an innovative thinker, a top-notch communicator, a visionary, and the soul of a group. She is the owner of the Boston, Massachusetts based company GENIUS and is the woman behind the new Facebook page and blog, Survival for Blondes, where Pj is entirely surrounded by imagined disasters and learns to rise above.
 Let the fabulous queen of blonde survival be heard!
Pj Schott

Jen Tucker asked me to talk about my passion for starting my blog, Survival for Blondes, how it came to be, and why blondes need to have survival skills. Always something provocative from our Jen!!
CUE THE MUSIC … “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel.
Don’t give up, ‘cause you have friends.
While preparing disaster recovery material for corporate clients, I became aware of the fragile state of our beautiful planet. Rather than letting the required exercise of imagining Worst Case Scenario keep me up at night, I began to think how I could let all my friends and loved ones know what they needed to be aware of and how they would need to prepare.
Not wanting to diminish the seriousness of such an important subject or frighten people about something that might never happen, I decided to use humor and a sense of camaraderie. I also wanted to keep it simple, so even I could understand it. Blondes are not dumb, we just have so much going on in our heads, it is sometimes hard for us to focus on the seemingly mundane. And since simple isn’t easy, much of the information that reaches us, goes right on past us.
I grew up with 1950s cartoon characters to teach me much of what I know about survival. No matter what happened, they not only overcame every mishap, they bounced back more feisty than ever. Steam‑rollered? Not to worry … just peel yourself up off the pavement and carry on truckin’.
Don’t give up, I know you can make it good.
In the 1968 Disney film, “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day,” Pooh shows initiative during a flood by making his way back to Christopher Robin by riding on a honey pot, then uses Christopher Robin’s umbrella to take the two of them to Piglet’s house. Talk about teamwork, innovation and ingenuity!!

I talk a lot about Universal Law, which teaches us that the Universe itself serves as a mutual support system for all beings. An example would be the Internet and Social Media, which have given us a brave new world of people who reflect back wonderful things to us and show us who we really are. Writers, parents, dancers, political activists … there is no one we can’t learn from and interact with now.
Don’t give up, you still have us … we’re proud of who you are.

I met Jen Tucker through the wonderful folks at The Writer’s Guide to ePublishing on Facebook. As author extraordinare and fellow writer, DeeDee Scott, described the purpose of such a group: “That’s exactly what [it’s] all about … we are your ‘net.’ We’re here for all you …. We share our journeys … and serve as each other’s nets.”

When times get rough, you can fall back on us, don’t give up.

No matter what your purpose in life, your vocation, or your goals, you will meet the people you need to meet when you need to meet them. Learn to trust your own process, trust the Universe, and trust those who have your back. And the best part is being there for them when they need support in return.
And, just like the characters in the A.A. Milne stories had each other’s backs, there is an Astral Family waiting for us in Cyberspace. So have some honey and leave the sticky part behind. Play Pooh sticks when we cross the bridge over a creek. And, above all, let’s be ready for anything … the pot of gold at the end of a proverbial rainbow or a Blustery Day of the Soul.

Thanks Pj for stopping by!  I appreciate your heart for serving others.



  1. Did I write that?!! See what I mean about hanging out with the right people in Cyberspace? Every day we are inspired and encouraged and supported. There's no stopping us once we know the secrets of the Universe, especially the Law of Mutual Support. And the best part of counting your blessings and realizing how much you have is to be able to GIVE BACK!! Thanks, Jen for this wonderful opportunity to share with you branch of the Astral Family Tree!!

    1. Pj, you always have important things to share with others. I appreciate you more than words can say XOXO