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Heart vs. Head with Pj Schott

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  *Jen throws confetti*  I hope you enjoyed family and friends, and even a little piece of peace during the holidays.  It’s a new month, a new year, and I am pleased as punch to welcome Pj Schott back to Princess With a Pen!  Pj has lived in several U.S. port cities, Europe, Greece, and the Middle East. A marketing professional, mystery writer, and futurist, Pj is known to those with whom she works as a problem-solver, an innovative thinker, a top-notch communicator, a visionary, and the soul of a group. She is the owner of the Boston, Massachusetts based company GENIUS and is the woman behind the new Facebook page and blog, Survival for Blondes, where Pj is entirely surrounded by imagined disasters and learns to rise above.

In which Pj learns to trust her feelings and not think so much

Most folks would describe Pooh as a bit of a dunce. But the warm, welcoming bear is a master of the art of living in the moment. Pooh neither dwells on the past nor worries about the future. And he always follows his heart.

Our society places great value on the ability to analyze and evaluate things. But Universal Law teaches us that the heart and the head are mutually exclusive. You can't be in both places at once. And, given the choice, it is better to rely on the heart than the head when making an important decision.

Pooh was never one to overthink a situation. Philosophers might call him a stoic. He doesn't worry about what other people think. He knows better than to react emotionally to a situation over which he has no control.

In the spirit of stoicism, or Poohism, we would therefore focus only on what we have control over, which is our reaction to a situation. We can't control what others think, feel, or do. But we alone choose what goes on in our own heads. The wise, and Pooh-like among us, would ask "Do I respond or do I react?"

You're running late for an important business presentation, when someone crashes into you in the coffee shop, covering your best jacket with foamy liquid. You start to panic. Anger rises. You resist the urge to smack the offender, who actually looks remorseful. 

To berate the poor thing would be to react to the situation. You do a quick check-in with your heart, which says, given the choice to be right or to be kind, be kind. Then you respond to the situation at hand, letting your heart rule your head.

Now you use the old noggin. You face your audience, point out the puddle on your chest, and joke about having to let the guy pay for your coffee in order to make him feel better. Voila, you're an instant hero.


Pooh would always choose heart over head. But if ever he needed to apply logic, he would simply go to Rabbit, with reservations.

“Rabbit's clever," said Pooh thoughtfully.
"Yes," said Piglet, "Rabbit's clever."
"And he has Brain."
"Yes," said Piglet, "Rabbit has Brain."
There was a long silence.
"I suppose," said Pooh, "that that's why he never understands anything.”

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  1. Writing the Pooh blog is when I take inventory of my life. Have definitely been thinking too much. And, like Rabbit, not understanding anything. So thank you Pooh. And bless you, Jen for giving me the opportunity to share Pooh's wisdom with your readers.

    1. Thank you, Pj, for sharing what's on your heart! XOXO

  2. I loved this article and simply adore PJ and Poohism! I've always followed my heart and trusted my heart more. You know that saying the mind always dictates what the heart whispers? Well I think it's the other way around ... Listen to your heart xoxo

    1. Thank you for stopping by Lisa! I am totally a listen to your heart kinda of gal too. Yet not to be confused by the Roxette song, or butter commercial. XOXO

    2. So glad you liked it, LIsa. Our hearts are so wise. Hopefully, our heads will be smart enough to keep up!!

  3. I often listen with my heart, but my head wishes that it would get used more often.

    PJ, this was a lovely article!

    missmichb at gmail dot com

    1. Thanks Miche for stopping by! My head could use a little more exercise now and then too! :) XOXO

    2. Thank you so much Michelle. I think all of us have the head vs. heart problem. Glad you liked Pooh's wisdom this month.

  4. PJ and Jen - Love the article :D I am definitely the person who tries to make light of the spilled coffee on my suit...I do think it takes more Heart than Smarts to make the best of most situations!

    Thanks for the lovely insight into Pooh's world. Love ya both!

    xx, Lauren

    1. Thank you, Lauren. You definitely lead with your heart!! We love you too ... XOXO

  5. Oh, I'm so excited to tell you all that LAUREN CLARK is the winner of the Pooh Bear book! Congratulations, LC! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by XOXO

  6. When I win the lottery, everyone will get a Pooh library!!