Wednesday, April 4, 2012


     It is WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!  The first Wednesday of every month, I am giving my gal pal, Pj Schott the center stage.  Pj is a friend and great accountability partner.  Do you have one too?  The one person in  your life that you share goals with, be it spiritual, professional, or even olympic shopping.  Pj is mine for connecting with you all electronically.  I needed the pact and the push from her to blog regularly.  My favorite quote from her is, "You know Jen, in the time it took you to write me this email, you could've blogged."  Curses!  She was right!  

     Pj has lived in several U.S. port cities, Europe, Greece, and the Middle East.  A marketing professional, mystery writer,and futurist, Pj is known to those with whom she works as a problem-solver, an innovative thinker, a top-notch communicator, a visionary, and the soul of a group.  She is the owner of the Boston, Massachusetts based company Genius II.  Pj is the woman behind the new Facebook page, Survival for Blondes.  Make sure that you check it out, even if your only connection to our hair color hue is that you tell a fabulous blonde joke.  One of the many things that endears Pj to me, is her passion for women to take control of their health, wellness, and planning for anything that might come our way.  Let's hear it for Pj! 

The lovely Pj Schott


DISCLAIMER:  No animals were harmed in the production of this blog.

Jen asked me what I would say to the woman on the edge of being brave, and starting something new in her life? Great question ... tough answer.

The short reply: Dream big and work with at least one net.

The longer answer:  If you're starting a small business, launching a writing career or simply want to be the best [fill in the blank] in the whole world ever ... act as if you've already succeeded.

Read everything you can on your specialty. Start each day listening to a motivational recording such as Napoleon Hill, David Allen, or Tony Robbins. Or a book about, or by, one of your heroes (Oprah, Steve Jobs, or Anne Lamott). Consult with experts in the field and subscribe to them on Facebook. Join organizations that will nurture and support you.

Most small business fail. Most novels never get written. Most dreams never become reality.
Get a plan and work said plan. And if you don't have an income-producing partner or a trust fund, learn to save and invest wisely.

Passion is only one ingredient in the mix. Expertise in your field is only one job skill required. You need a business plan. A marketing plan. And these days, you'll have to be somewhat of an expert on social media (inbound marketing). For every income-producing hour, you will spend one hour on the "back end" of the business (the books, correspondence, phone calls) and one hour promoting the business (seminars, networking, and social media).

And, when the going gets tough, take comfort in the fact that Pooh is there to get you through those Dark Nights of the Soul

 "If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart, I'll always be with you."



  1. This is just brilliant you two!!!

    In fact, I would luuuvvv to use this on tomorrow's WG2E with both of your permissions of course!!!

    I'll call it "Think Pooh" and just link right to your page...sound good?!

    Hugs and Smiles to Ya Both...Two of my Fave Peeps...Who I Met Online as well!!!

    1. Hi DeeDee! So happy to have this post over at WG2E tomorrow, friend! Thank you for asking. Pj is amazing, isn't she? XOXO

  2. Hi, Jen and PJ!

    Great post, PJ! That sounds like some good advice. I love Pooh and the little nuggets of wisdom that A. A. Milne tucks into his stories.

    1. Hi David, thanks for stopping by! Don't you love the words that spill from A. A. Milne through that rumbly, tumbly bear?

  3. PJ, acting the part is half the battle and it makes you feel good too. Passion is the driving force behind that battle. I'm super excited about Survival for Blondes and being a non-blonde honorary member:)) My dearest writing buddy, Heather Webber, uses the Pooh analogy in her everyday life which includes writing.

  4. wonderful post, thanks so much p.j. and jen, and to d.d. for the link! ;-)

  5. Wonderful post, ladies. Success is definitely a mindset!

  6. Fake it 'til you make it! :)

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  8. Always so insightful! always so inspiring. Always so elegant.

    ~ Diane

  9. PJ very nice post.Lines at bottom is that true friend can say.winnie the pooh theme

  10. Solid business wisdom 101 from Pj Schott and of course Winne the Pooh! Love it!