Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is your captain speaking...

     My five-year-old munchkin, Gracie, is having a love affair with the Junie B. Jones series of books, written by Barbara Park.  After begging, whining, and gnashing of teeth, Gracie finally let me buy this book for her at her school's book fair. 

Don't tell us how it ends!  We are on chapter 6, and so far, so good...

     Here is the quick play-by-play.  Junie B. has just survived a plane ride to Hawaii with her parents.  Adventure finds this little lady everywhere, even in the friendly skies.  She just survived sitting on the plane sandwiched between two crabby ladies; sitting in front and behind her respectively.  These ladies were not amused by Junie B.'s antics.  Gracie and me?  We laughed and laughed!  
     The same day Gracie and I began reading about Junie B. Jones and her interesting plane ride, an email was sent to me that also had something to do with how to occupy your time in the air.  Here, take a look at what they wanted to sell me...

Isn't this great?!?!  Megan can smoke ANYWHERE!!!  YAY MEGAN!!!  Good for you!!!

     Believe it or not, I do not want to focus on Megan, or her smokey smokerton habit with electronic cigarettes.  I want to talk about Megan, herself.  Can I ask you a question?  Who looks like this on a plane? NO ONE looks like this on a plane!  She looks phenomenal! I never see anyone look phenomenal when airborne!  Do you?  Notice that they do not show the gentleman sitting next to her in this advertisement.  That is because he looks like this...

He's so night-night! 

     His buddy, E (that's what his hat says, so we will call him that) is more than happy to point out to sleepy man that while he is catching some winks, that he and Megan will be happy to make acquaintances.  E and Megan will talk about their common love for backgammon, Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks, long walks on the beach, and the entire Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series of books.  It's true love!  Isn't that sweet?





  1. That book looks fantastic. I'm a big fan of Eloise, so I would probably enjoy it. Thanks for the recommendation ... and the laughs! I look like bag lady on a plane!!

    1. Junie B. is so funny! The series of books begins with her in kindergarten, and she is growing up before my eyes. And Pj, I am so not in it to look fab on the plane either. Slip-on shoes are my biggest priority, and if I am not wrinkled and my clothes actually match, then YAY JEN! LOL! Thanks for stopping by. I cannot wait to read you blog :) XOXO